Friday, June 21, 2013

Player works great!

Have been using the player for about 18 moths now.  It works great as long as your movies are encoded with x264 codec.  The player also plays other popular avi codecs as well.   If you are interested in getting this player let me know and I will make it available to you.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Install and Configure Personal Media Player

1. Download Personal TV Media Player Server bundled with Tomcat 7 from
    This is the application that will run inside Apache Tomcat and:
    a) Serve up your video content
    b) Automatically index your video content
2. Install .exe file.  It is a modified Tomcat 7 installer.  Your default port will be 8090; you can run it on any other port that you want, as long as you:
    a) Remember what it is...
    b) Open your windows firewall port for it.

   DO NOT INSTALL TOMCAT INTO  C:\Program Files....   Install it directly into the C:\ (or D:\) drive. for example: C:\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0

   By default the installer will try to install it in C:\
4. Open outbound and inbound port 8090 in windows firewall.

5. Run and configure Personal TV Media Player Server via browser.   This will be an applet so, it is OK to give it necessary permissions.  Some things to keep in mind:
    a) To run the configuration correctly, it must be run on the same computer where tomcat was installed.
    b) The video files need reside on the same computer where tomcat is installed.
    c) To launch it:  http://localhost:8090/ptvmpServer/

6. Personal TV Media Player Server configuration steps
    a) Set 'Video Library Physical Location'  this is the top level directory for all your media.  It contains the video directories that you want to index and view.
    b) Click on 'Create Media Server'
    c) Add video directories to be indexed.
    d) Under 'Settings' tab make sure that 'Video File Extensions' is filled in.  If not click 'Reload'
    e) Click on 'Index Video Directories'
    f) Index should be created.  Test by browsing to http://localhost:8090/media/video.html;  You should get a file that comes up and displays your indexed movies.

7. Configure Personal Media Player Widget.
    a) Select 'Settings' to enter the URL to your server.  The URL should be in this format:  is your computer's IP address.  Widgets have problems resolving local computer names
        8090  is your tomcat port from above
    b) 'Movie Library' - click on it to refresh the list.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Can I play my own .avi with Yahoo Widgets on my Flat Panel?

Yes you can!  I'm working on a version of Yahoo Widgets media player with which you'll be able to stream your movies from your own computer right to the TV.